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Welcome to Paternoster.

GPS: 17.8986465, -32.8046652 - EST. POPULATION: 3000 - FOUNDED IN: 1900

Paternoster is a picturesque fishing village on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline 16 km north west of Vredenburg and 29 km North of Saldanha. It is situated on the Paternoster Bay and will give you a genuine taste of a West Coast fishing village.

The road from Vredenburg is tarred and one can view the eerie granite rock outcrops and the desolate-looking countryside.

As you drive into the white washed fishermans cottages one instantly leaves the hassles of everyday life and is drawn into the mesmerizing beauty of the sea matching the crayfish rich reefs and majestic white beaches

The name Paternoster is associated with the shipwreck of a Portuguese vessel when the distressed seamen said their prayers to the heavenly Father

Cape Columbine Lighthouse

This is the last manned** lighthouse built on the South African coast and finds itself just a stones through away from Paternoster.

It is the first Lighthouse that Seafarers see when coming from Europe. It was built in 1936 at Castle rock (it is 80 meters high and has a range of 32 sea miles)

On offer for the traveller:

Long walks along the unspoiled beaches and Nature walks are abundant in this part of the region.

A pristine beach will give rise to good surf/Beach fishing as well as a perfect launch area for your small craft.

All water borne water sports can be undertaken here and post activity the entertainment can continue in one of the more famous restaurants or beach pubs.